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How to choose your Pilates instructor?

Here we go again .. another year and we tend to review the past and set goals for the new one.

Strangely, mine started differently. An old story popped into my mind, back into my teenage years.
I remembered the bullying I was continuously getting both from classmates and a teacher for being the chubbiest girl in class, who could not do the majority of exercises in our PE classes. It hurt. It hurt a lot actually.

Then one day, in the late eighties, my mum got a book about a new exercise trend – no, not Pilates, it was called Callanetics – which drew my attention like fire does. Why so? I have no clue as I was truly not fond of movement at that time. But nevertheless I tried them.. and got hooked of the feeling after.
I then woke up every morning nearly an hour earlier to practice. I did not get any better in regular jumping, climbing, running – all the stuff that kids normally do in PE, but my confidence changed as I started mastering my body in a different way. And the rest did not matter any more.

I have drawn my message from this story for this new year:

Be bold and be brave to be YOU.
Be brave to find out who you are. And what you really like. Do not be scared to deviate from major trends if those are not your true paths. You may still find miracles.