Be brave

Here we go again .. another year and we tend to review the past and set goals for the new one.

Strangely, mine started differently. An old story popped into my mind, back into my teenage years.
I remembered the bullying I was continuously getting both from classmates and a teacher for being the chubbiest girl in class, who could not do the majority of exercises in our PE classes. It hurt. It hurt a lot actually.

Then one day, in the late eighties, my mum got a book about a new exercise trend – no, not Pilates, it was called Callanetics – which drew my attention like fire does. Why so? I have no clue as I was truly not fond of movement at that time. But nevertheless I tried them.. and got hooked of the feeling after.
I then woke up every morning nearly an hour earlier to practice. I did not get any better in regular jumping, climbing, running – all the stuff that kids normally do in PE, but my confidence changed as I started mastering my body in a different way. And the rest did not matter any more.

I have drawn my message from this story for this new year:

Be bold and be brave to be YOU.
Be brave to find out who you are. And what you really like. Do not be scared to deviate from major trends if those are not your true paths. You may still find miracles.

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Dear All,

We`ve been confined for long time now and most probably got used to another way of life. The clock seems to have stopped for a while, spring is here and the world is breathing. No matter how you have been spending your time at home, I hope you have found meaning in your days and discovered some opportunities to lead a better life. 
I have been continuing my journey inward and discovered how movement helps getting deeper, not only into our bodies but also into our minds and souls. No matter what you do, as Joseph Pilates said once

 "Change happens through movement and movement heals."

Also because connecting to your true self starts with connecting to your body and your feelings. We are born to move.
So embrace and be grateful for yourself; we are all amazed by your dedication and motivation for practicing with us and supporting us with your presence the last few weeks. Teaching online has been a very rewarding experience to all of us; we have learnt a lot from and with you. An enormous thank to you all.

If the Government keeps its position about treating each and every sport establishment the same way, without distinguishing between the different types of services  they offer, we will be authorised to open the studio only as of August. So for the moment we continue streaming our online mat classes. Please consider registering in advance so that we can see the demand and prepare in time. 

As of this week we have new classes on the schedule; Ria is going to teach on Wednesdays in the evening and Saturday mornings, in English. 
Also in this regards, please give us feedback about the current schedule and about the choice of classes, whether they are feasible with your daily plans or you would prefer to see some changes with the gradual deconfinement we expect for the coming weeks.  In addition, we also have some extra availability to add some online private classes for those who do not need special attention (eg. due to medical conditions.) For this we can lend you some studio accessories to make your classes even more adapted to your personal needs and objectives. Please let me know if you are interested. 
Thank you all so much for your continuing support for our studio and our Respirit community.  I hope we will be able to welcome you in person soon again.  

I wish you good health; feel safe and stay strong.

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