I have always been someone who has loved to move. It started with school sports, then the cycling bug bit and then the running one and suddenly triathlon took over and now it’s a balance between my love for mountain biking and the adventures my two little boys open me up to.

While I have always felt that the amount of sports I do would surely be enough to give me a full body work out, I started to notice something missing from training. At first I blamed it on age (because it most certainly could have nothing to do with my crazy love of chocolate) but after some research, I started to realize it was something deeper, like in the middle of me… something like my core strength.

And in stepped Pilates.

I have subsequently added Pilates to my training regime and to say that this has been beneficial would be a complete understatement. I noticed a change in my posture, in my mobility and the efficiency in which my body operates. I have found a deep core strength and confidence in getting my body to function optimally and efficiently.

It is my hearts desire to help people to reach their true potential and unlock the possibilities within their body. We are so beautifully and magnificently designed and it would be a huge privilege for me to help others realise that.