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mental or emotional stress can be just as damaging.


Researches have shown that #conscious #deep #breathing help reduce anxiety and depression, which then further impacts stabilizing our blood pressure, increasing our energy levels and assist in muscle relaxation. Already a number of good reasons to take care of our breathing techniques.

But for many of us, when it comes to #improving our #health, changing our breathing somehow does not spring to mind as readily as changing our diet or exercise habits.
However, #healing the #body and #mind through targeted breathing exercises has already been part of many, mainly eastern, beliefs and practices for thousands of years.

“For breath is life and if you breathe well, you will live long on earth” (Sanksrit proverb)

The secret lies nowhere else but in our body, where with conscious deep and slow breathing you activate the parasympathetic #nervous #system, responsible for controlling and reversing the #stress-type responses in your body.

Besides this connection between breathing and the mind through our nervous system, breathing is also directly connected to our body through our xmuscles. Just have a look at our anatomical structure.

The main muscle responsible for breathing, the diaphragm, is well connected to our abdominal muscles, the secondary respiratory muscles, and together they largely contribute to #core #stabilization and #good #posture.

No wonder, therefore, that breathing is one of the cornerstones and principles of the Pilates movement system.

First, the conditioning of the respiratory muscles will result in improved efficiency of oxygen intake, which then will help to #relax both the body and the mind.

But then Pilates goes further, believing that breath is also the basis of conscious movement as breathing improves concentration. Working with the breath also brings a natural rhythm to the movement that greatly enhances the efficiency and experience of a workout.

In Pilates, the breath leads the movement and gives it power.

And this may be a good discipline to apply also in daily life. 

by #piri #Respirit