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Should it be the one with Elsa from Frozen, or rather with cutie little kittens instead? Or, if it is a boy the question is Spiderman or Teenage Turtles? Dilemmas for mothers and kids at the end of summer… But choosing a good #long#lasting and #healthy #schoolbag is lot more difficult than that.
I only realised this problem when some fellow-mothers called me anxiously with the same question, where we have got the schoolbag. I cannot tell you this but I tell you why and how we have chosen the right one.So, why does it matter which schoolbag we choose?
Back specialists claim that an increasing number of children suffer from #back or #neck #pain because of #overloaded#unhealthy #schoolbags.

Children who experienced back pain in childhood are more likely to suffer from long term effects as an adult.

Inappropriate, overloaded bags can also cause headache, poor, imbalanced posture, and may deform the spine. There are legal load carrying limits in many countries as recommended by physiotherapy associations.

A child between the age of 6 to 10 should carry less than 10-15 per cent of his or her own weight.

If you calculate it for your kid, it will make sense, right? That is why the school bags must be as #light as possible.

Children’s spines are still developing in school-age so it is super important to load them correctly.

Besides the excessive weight, unilateral loading may also cause spinal and muscle compression. That is the reason why #backpacks are healthier than trolley bags, or one-strapped bags.

The #size also matters. Always choose a bag in your child’s size, where you may find #narrower #models more appropriate. Don’t save money on school bags. It will serve your kid day after day for years.

Though they are more expensive, it is worth buying ergonomic bags.

What are the common features of #ergonomic #bags?

▷ Moulded frame.
▷ Padded backrest, meaning that the rear of the backpack is padded and comfortable.
▷ Two wide padded and adjustable schoulder straps.
▷ Sternum belt (chest-belt) is reccomended to fix schoulder straps.
▷ Adjustable hip or waist strap, so that the weight of the filled back pack will be distributed on your child’s pelvis instead of their shoulders and spine.
▷ Compartements and pockets instead of one single top loading opening, it makes easier to organise the items. Never forget to pack the heaviest items closest to the child’s back.

If all these criteria are fulfilled, you can possibly decide on Elsa, or Spiderman.

And one more thing…

If your child has a healthy bag, why don’t you have one for yourself?

One strapped fully packed handbag could harm your back as well if you wear it only on one side all the time..

Have a nice school start!

by #piri #respirit