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Giedre Sidlauské

I am Giedrė, mother of two kids. My path towards Pilates started long time ago while studying in Sweden. And from there, there was no way back.

I have graduated  in theater studies with specialisation in choreography and pedagogy. Then I started working as a professional dancer in a musical theater, where  I found a large array of movement opportunities, and later,  as a dance teacher, I gained valuable pedagogical work experience.

Pilates has impressed me with the efficiency of movement and its benefits for my body.

The combination of  Pilates moves has enhanced my energy flow, strengthened stability in my body, and increased my  coordination, corrected my alignment, improved elasticity of my muscles,  and calmed my mind.

I am now following Corpus Pilates Comprehensive education with Kelly Mckinnon. And  I am looking forward to sharing with you the benefits I experience daily with my workouts.

I believe that if you choose to practice Pilates, your body will get the best quality workouts.