Kristin Kornerup

My journey into the Pilates world was not the typical one. I had no background in dance or fitness, and literally just went along to a Reformer class with my mum. And what an incredible discovery it was! I’d spent 20 years in the world of Biomedical Research as a Research Scientist, bent over microscopes and sitting in front of computer screens.

My body was in shatters. I had terrible posture, frequent back pain and no strength. After having my second child, I also ended up with a major Diastasis recti, looking pregnant even though I wasn’t anymore.  My job was studying chronic diseases and, yet, my own body was suffering from all the consequences of a sedentary lifestyle.  

That was until I experienced Pilates first-hand and realised what an incredible tool it is to improve our overall health and well-being. Now I’m dedicated to passing on this knowledge to my clients and students, and helping them discover their own mind and body power.” 

Kristin has trained and certified through the comprehensive instructor education of  the BASI Academy in Paris. She teaches in French and English.