Solo Duo
Initiation Package – Solo 154€ 105€
Trial Pack (2 collective mat and 1 collective apparatus) 45€
Trial Mat 13€
Trial Apparatus 27€

*Only one option available per client. Valid for 1 month from purchase date.

If you have never tried Pilates with us, you may wish to try out our Initiation package, which consist of two private sessions and one collective mat class. We strongly recommend it for those with any health condition that needs special attention. During the private classes you will learn the fundamental basic principles and moves of the method. We will also discuss your personal needs and objectives after a brief assessment of your posture and body patterns. The goal is to introduce you and your body to both the mat and apparatus exercises, the vocabulary we use at Respirit Pilates and to offer you exercise modifications should you need any so that you get the most out of your group classes afterwards. Even if you have taken Pilates classes elsewhere before, it is a valuable experience to re-examine your strengths and set new goals for your practice in the group setting.



Special prices for kids / teen and pregnancy classes. See further below.​

Drop-in 10x (5weeks)* 10x (15weeks)
Group Mat 25€ 160€ 195€
Group Apparatus 40€ 320€ 380€
COMBO (5+5) 240€ 288€

*​CONTRACT – 4x 12 classes for 4x 5 weeks – same price. If you sign up for 4 consecutive 5-week terms, you receive 2 extra classes free, thus totalling 12 classes for the term. Payments are automatically processed at the beginning of each 5-week term and the validity of these cards starts on the purchase date. These contracts are currently only sold in desktop MBO and not in the MindBody App. Call in for further info.

Drop-in 5x (8weeks) 10x (15weeks)
Private in Solo 83€ 380€ 720€
Private in Duo 56€ 260€ 490€
Private in Trio 47€ 215€ 400€


Drop-in 10x (5weeks) 10x (15weeks)
Prenatal Mat 30€ 140€ 250€
Prenatal Apparatus 40€ 380€
COMBO (5+5) 315€


16€ per class.
Subscription for the whole school-term is needed.
If places available, you can join the class mid-term, too. No class during school holidays.

All our prices are per person and inclusive of VAT. Payment is due in advance of any service. You can settle your payments by credit cards, bank transfer to (LU51 0141 2542 8780 3000 / CELLLULL (Piroska Balla) or cash in the studio.