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Seeing skeletons, wandering about among many weird creatures this week, we have realized Halloween is the perfect time to talk about the importance of strong and healthy bones. Because our bony skeleton is a remarkable structure.

It supports our weight and posture, protects our internal organs and allows us to move. And not less importantly, it is the centre of blood cell production and a storehouse for essential minerals.

Quite some good reasons to pay attention to our bones, aren’t they?

By the end of your adolescent years, you have built up most of your bone mass. And though bone remodeling is a lifelong process, bone tissue withdrawal starts going faster than bone cell „deposit” after the early 30s and so we loose an average 1% of our bone mass each year thereafter. If this process is not attended to properly, you may experience osteoporosis on one hand, while diminishing bones also affect blood cell production and so the body’s immune system at a later stage.

The good news is that following a healthy diet with Calcium and Vitamin D intake together with plenty of physical activity can help keep your bones healthy for life. Because bones are living tissues and they respond to physical activity by growing stronger to support the stress the working muscles cause on them with the constant pulling during exercises.

It makes perfect sense, right?

But beware, not all sport activities promote bone growths. Regular weight bearing and muscle strengthening exercises are the ones to best induce bone reproduction. And you may be surprised to hear that Pilates can also be put on this list, especially if you get challenged by small weights and resistance bands or the springs of the famous Pilates apparatus.

You may want to give it a try and experience yourself…

One last remark…If you suffer from osteoporosis, be always sure to inform your Pilates instructor about your condition as certain Pilates exercises cannot be practiced or only with modifications.

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