Christina AnifantiBirthlight™ Motherhood and Baby Yoga teacher, Postpartum Doula

    ”I believe in  lifelong learning – I will always be a student.”

    ” Although my daughters freak out when they hear this favourite motto of mine”

    Christina discovered Yoga in the 90s’ while doing her MBA in the UK. Since then she has practiced on and off over her marketing career years, and discovered its benefits during periods of high stress and especially during pregnancy.

    It was a nice hobby for her until she decided to leave the executive world and train first in Counselling Psychology and then as a Yoga teacher.

    She certified at Motherhood and Baby Yoga with Birthlight™ UK followed by a 200hrs training in Hatha Yoga, as well as Birthlight™ Toddler Yoga and Kids Yoga.

    Inspired by the midwives she has met from all around the world during her trainings  she decided to train as a Postnatal Doula, too,  and offer practical hands-

    on help to new mums along with workshops especially designed for

    Luxembourg mamas. Currently, she is completing her Ayurvedic massage training and soon she will certify as a Birth Doula, too.

    “My aspiration is to create communities of mums that support each other and accompany them into the journey of Motherhood.

    My classes always end with a divine session of Yoga Nidra and leave you completely rejuvenated and relaxed.”