Juana BenevidesPilates Instructor

    “Back in 2011 a good friend of mine started talking to me enthusiastically about the Pilates teacher training course she was following. And I, doing my university degree in physiotherapy and working with bodies at that time, was touched so much that I decided to enrol to discover more. I simply fell in love.

    No wonder, Pilates is such an amazing system, that makes complete sense.. and so ever since I have been working with it and experienced how it is capable of changing bodies and mind to positively contribute to people’s life.. including mine, both as a student and a teacher.”

    Juana has a bachelor degree in Physiotherapy and has been and certified by Pilates Zone` teacher training in Brazil. She teaches mostly contemporary Pilates, but has followed also Benjamin Degenhardt`s  course on the classical mat repertoire. She has recently moved to Luxembourg and teaches in English and Portuguese.