Lindsay McLachlanPilates Instructor

    Key Competencies

    Highlight of Skills

    Health and Wellness

    • Practicing Pilates for 15 years

    • Full certification in Classical Pilates with over 2000 hours of teaching experience teaching all levels of mat, reformer, tower and chair classes

    • Health conscious – focusing on 3 pillars of mental, physical and spiritual health for overall well being

    • Classical Feng Shui Practitioner – educating individuals about how they can enhance their personal living space

    • Continue learning to integrate into personal and professional Pilates practice through workshops session on ribs, pelvic, flow, and advance movement on the cadillac

    • Experience providing a customer focused living environment while abroad a cruise ship with international guests

    Customer Focused

    • 20+ years of experience providing quality service within travel, health and wellness industries

    • Worked directly with storeowners and managers to maximize sales opportunities through feature programs, pricing incentives, and service relationships

    • Providing sales expertise and inventory management to over 100 accounts throughout British Columbia

    • Provided six star customer service to international guests while cruising around the world

    • Connecting to returning guests, creating professional relationships to create long lasting memories

    • Maintained, developed and managed new and key accounts across North America with 2 different companies


    • Entrepreneur for 10 years focused on balancing elements to create positive energy within homes and business’s

    • Build successful relationships with all stakeholders including: guest, clients, realtors, and vendors

    • Actively listening to understanding the needs of customers or clients to provide a product or service to suit their needs

    • Optimize time to improve productivity and cost efficiency with inventory or products and client’s knowledge to create a meaningful environment