Lindsay McLachlanPilates Instructor

    Key Competencies

    Highlight of Skills

    Health and Wellness

    • Practicing Pilates for 15 years

    • Full certification in Classical Pilates with over 2000 hours of teaching experience teaching all levels of mat, reformer, tower and chair classes

    • Health conscious – focusing on 3 pillars of mental, physical and spiritual health for overall well being

    • Classical Feng Shui Practitioner – educating individuals about how they can enhance their personal living space

    • Continue learning to integrate into personal and professional Pilates practice through workshops session on ribs, pelvic, flow, and advance movement on the cadillac

    • Experience providing a customer focused living environment while abroad a cruise ship with international guests

    Customer Focused

    • 20+ years of experience providing quality service within travel, health and wellness industries

    • Worked directly with storeowners and managers to maximize sales opportunities through feature programs, pricing incentives, and service relationships

    • Providing sales expertise and inventory management to over 100 accounts throughout British Columbia

    • Provided six star customer service to international guests while cruising around the world

    • Connecting to returning guests, creating professional relationships to create long lasting memories

    • Maintained, developed and managed new and key accounts across North America with 2 different companies


    • Entrepreneur for 10 years focused on balancing elements to create positive energy within homes and business’s

    • Build successful relationships with all stakeholders including: guest, clients, realtors, and vendors

    • Actively listening to understanding the needs of customers or clients to provide a product or service to suit their needs

    • Optimize time to improve productivity and cost efficiency with inventory or products and client’s knowledge to create a meaningful environment

    Dear All,

    I hope you are all doing safe and sound, living through this experience with curiosity and enjoying all the good things it is bringing to us all.  

    I would like to thank you for all your lovely messages and checking-in: they helped me feel valuable and connected,  and know I am not alone in these challenging times. I have been through a strong emotional rollercoaster the past last weeks; from meeting my fears and demons and embracing my sorrow, to laughing an immense lot and finding moments of deep inner peace. We are all in this together. 

    But the time has finally come that I am making this decision happily from my heart; as of next week Respirit Pilates is going online and we will guide your Pilates practice on the mat, streaming live. 
    I am grateful for my teachers that they can spare some time within their up-side-down daily schedule with family around, and also for Lena who will also be back to reinforce us in this experiment. 
    Here you are the practicalities:

    • For the moment we will offer open level classes. We will guide you to the average level of those present in the class and give you some modifications as much as it is possible under the circumstances. 
    • You will need a calm corner with fresh air and a mat for yourself. Please prepare some accessories; a chair with back rest, a towel and anything serving as weights in your hand (bottle of water, pack of rice, etc. 0.5-1kg), so that we can enjoy some fun variations every now and then.
    • You can stream the classes on any device through the free Zoom application; download it and check the audio function beforehand. 
    • As of tomorrow you can register into the classes via Mindbody at latest 60 minutes before the class and we will send you a link to the live stream 15 minutes before the start. 
      We will need minimum 4 people into each class; below that number we retain the right to cancel.
    • Please make sure your email address is updated within your profile in Mindbody and that you allow the system to send you auto-emails. If you do not get the link, please check your junk folder, too. 
    • You can either use your existing mat cards or purchase any of our new online pricing options: 10 sessions for 100€ or a drop-in for 15€.

    This will be a new experience for many of us; learning new technologies, new ways of teaching and secrets of our bodies, as well as letting others closer to us as we peak into each other`s private life a bit.  Let`s face it together with grace and compassion. I cannot wait to seeing your happy faces again. 
    I truly appreciate all your continuing support through this challenging time. Let`s have faith that we will get out stronger on the other side, both individually and as a our loved Respirit community together. 

    I wish you good health; feel safe and stay strong.