Marina MassariSenior Instructor - all equipment, Corpus Pilates

    “Get involved with the Apparatus. Fall in love with the Mat”.

    This is my motto, as well as, in short, my love story with the Pilates method.

    After 25 years of lower back troubles, constant pain and limitations in everyday life, in 2011 I had my first Pilates lesson and, as in many other romance stories,my her life has changed. Only few weeks later my conditions improved to such an extent that ever since I have never stopped training.

    I now run half marathons, ride race-bike, play golf and scuba-dive without any trouble. I started my teacher training with Master Trainer Kelly McKinnon of Corpus Studios in November 2016 with the aim to help others to change their lives, too, with Pilates, because “Return to life” is not only one of the most famous Joseph Pilates sayings, but something that can really happen to all of us.

    Marina keeps following her certification process  while she also attends continuing education trainings regularly and always practices in other studios during her travels around the world.  She teaches in English, French and Italian.