Piroska BallaSenior Instructor - all equipment, Corpus Pilates Assistant Master Instructor, Respirit Pilates Founder

    “Some years ago a self-proclaimed “spiritual healer” bluntly told me I was not doing the right job. She insisted I was one destined to help others. And, working in the field of international disaster relief, so I was, I believed, and did not bother much.

    Years later here I am. I have left my international carrier to study human anatomy and movement science to teach you how to be mindful about your body. And as I personally experienced Pilates has a great healing potential, I now tend to wonder if this is what she meant… or all is just pure coincidence.

    Piri has been trained and certified by Kelly McKinnon`s Corpus Pilates full comprehensive education. She is specialised in pelvic floor training  and actively follows continuing education programmes. She teaches in English, French and Hungarian.