Theodora TsirogianniJunior instructor - mat and reformer, Balanced Body

    Considering that these days while everything change faster than the speed of light and values lose their meaning, movement and dance can transform us –mentally and physically. Since I remember myself I was a little ballerina with those pink dance clothes. Precisely, my keen interest in dance which is a powerful form of communication and a great way of expressing emotion inspired me to teach creative dance and Pilates to people with and without disabilities. After completing High School, my interest in physical education, motivated me for applying to School of Physical Education and Sport Science at the Greek University. My wish for both personal and professional development lead to obtain a M.Sc. degree conducting my own research project in adapted physical education. Except from the studies, since I was dancing we were all participated in Pilates classes in order to maintain our core posture and improve our flexibility. Pilates is technically challenging and requires patience and perseverance, Ballet also. Both are teaching our nervous system a particular language. I really love my job as through Pilates and Ballet techniques i can speak the greatest language – body language!

    Theodora Tsirogianni is an Msc Adapted Physical Educator, Dance Teacher (I.S.T.D.) and DanceAbility Certified Teacher. She studied and worked in Greece in Pilates-Dance Studio and in a private school as a supervisor. The classes that were teached was Pilates, pre-post natal Pilates classes, Ballet, Modern dance classes and from 2014 had her own mixed dance group with people with and without disabilities.