Valerie KotsurSenior instructor - all equipment, Corpus Pilates

    “I tried lots of different sport, dance and yoga flows before getting acquainted with Pilates. Yes, “acquainted” as I feel Pilates is more than just the exercises. It is in a way how you think, move and present yourself. It is an immense practice for me in terms of knowledge about movement, but also about feelings in our bodies after we have moved in an organic way.”

    After working in a financial services industry in Ukraine, Valerie chose to dedicate her life and energy to her family. She moved to Amsterdam and later on to Luxembourg where she has been ventured on her Pilates teaching journey with Corpus Pilates and joined the team of Respirit Pilates.  She speaks Russian, Ukrainian, English and Dutch.

    “You and Pilates have changed my life”…  These words are worth million motivational courses for me. My clients help me expand my knowledge, my wish to help people and my inner self-confidence while getting “acquainted” with Pilates.”