While our standard Pilates classes follow some typical structures, our workshops and master classes are a great way to break down certain concepts or themes. You have the luxury here to go deeper into specific subjects and supplement your Pilates practice and your daily life with extra theory knowledge and with new exercises.

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What No One Tells You About Pilates – Workshop

12 January 2019


Today, when many are advised to take up Pilates classes for one reason or the other, you may find important to learn more in depth about this approach to exercise.

This workshop introduces you to the concept behind this method named after its creator, Joseph Pilates.
You will learn about the reasons why we do what we do as we showcase theory and basic principles through fundamental moves, traditional exercises and specific cueing. You will try working against spring resistance on the special Pilates apparatus and understand how it is complementary to or different from weight training. Phrases like „stability against mobility”, „work and stretch your muscles in two directions”, „connect to your powerhouse” or „find your big box” and many others alike will reveal their secrets by the end of this two-hour, exercise-based event.

At the end we will also talk about how to get started and how to progress within the class levels.

You are welcome if you are new to Pilates but also if you would like to deepen your established practice with more understanding.

Date & time: 12 January 14.00-16.00
Instructor: Piroska Balla
Languages: English / French
Min-max. participants: 6-16
Price: 35€ pp

Register online through Respirit`s MindBody Online booking site.