While our standard Pilates classes follow some typical structures, our workshops and master classes are a great way to break down certain concepts or themes. You have the luxury here to go deeper into specific subjects and supplement your Pilates practice and your daily life with extra theory knowledge and with new exercises.

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Spread your wings – Shoulder essentials

6 October 2019



By design, our shoulder is the most mobile and the least stable joint in our body.

In this workshop we will explore how this very important but vulnerable joint functions, how it connects to the rest of your body and posture. We will observe alignment questions, movement patterns and some common shoulder problems.

You will also learn some exercises you can take home with you to practice for a balanced and healthy upper body.

Instructor: Piroska Balla
Date, time: Sunday, 06 Oct 2019, 15.30-18.00
Language: English
Max. participants: 12
Price: 70€ pp

Registration is required through MBO.


Cancellation policy:
a. Cancellation more than 7 days before the workshop – 100% refund
b. Cancellation within 3 -7 days before the workshop – 50% refund
c. Cancellation within 48 hours from the start of the workshop – no refund.
d. In case of any refund, credit card payment processing and charge-back fees are deductible and payable by the Client.